About Us

Woodsie’s Toys was started in 2020 by me, Melanie Wood.


I live in Melbourne with my husband Leigh and stepdaughter Mia, and in 2019 I became a new mum to baby Lola. At 42, not only was I a new mum, but I was considered an old mum too.

As a firm and committed Gen X’er I was overwhelmed by the amount of plastic and packaging that came with toys for her. Sometimes it’s like you need an engineering degree just to open the box. Hormones and nostalgia also meant that I longed to find her toys that I used to love. Shape sorters, peg boards and of course the perfect doll house. So after the sleepless haze of the first 100 days of being a new (old) mum, the idea for Woodsie’s Toys was born.

Every product here is hand-picked by me, and if I didn’t totally love them they would not be here. I hope your cool kids love them just as much as mine do.


Mel. x